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the hunt

The Hunt tells the harrowing story of a boy who embarks on a hunting trip with his father, where things quickly spiral from bad to worse. The son is separated from the father. He has no food, no supplies, no heat, and he is desperately lost. But above all, there's something in the woods with him. Watching his every move. Stalking him at every turn.

The Hunt eBook Cover.jpg

the looking glass:

a modern new york love story

A flirtation takes an unusual route to love, when two unlikely people bond over golden age movies. New York City garage mechanic Andy Hainesworth and beautiful restaurant hostess Luz Mendez find themselves drawn to each other the more they discuss the joyful escapism of old movies. There's only one problem. The masks they wear, the lives they attempt to hide from each other, threatens to shatter their peaceful haven and destroy their promising romance.

The Looking Glass - A Modern New York Lo

the sunflowers

In Ollister Wade's haunting story The Sunflowers, a young woman suffering from sleep paralysis finds herself haunted by a young girl named Diana. But what exactly is this young girl? An apparition, a dream, or something far more sinister? Can she escape with her life? Can anyone else?

The Sunflowers eBook Cover.jpg

danny granger

enters infinity

A man walks into a bar, and not just any man, and not just any bar. The man's name is Danny Granger, and the evening is just getting started. Because Danny Granger doesn't walk in like he owns the place, he walks in and he owns the place. The place is called Infinity, and surprises are in store.

Danny Granger Enters Infinity eBook Cove
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