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Take Cover, a Storm is Coming!


In the shape of thirteen stories, dark and menacing, lightning strikes many times. A genie visits a junkie to grant him his every wish.  A young boy hears voices in his family’s new home. A man wakes to a kindly old woman, or is she? A woman and her grandmother are on edge after a series of grisly murders. Contestants on a game show vie for the ultimate prize, freedom. A trip home to visit his parents puts a son face to face with paralyzing horror. And a young man is warned to stay away from an old spooky neighbor.


The scars on a woman’s body tell a grim tale about her past and future. A husband presses his wife on the truth about their daughter. A woman picked up at an airport has a few surprises for her driver. A man looking for a respite in nature finds nature turning against him. In a dystopian environment, a woman has some words of advice for her daughter to heed. And a boy hiding from his abusive father, gets the ultimate revenge.


#fiction #horror #anthology #dark #eBook #female authors

Dark & Stormy: An Anthology of Horror (The Dark Series #3) - eBook


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