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A flirtation takes an unusual route to love, when two unlikely people bond over golden age movies. New York City garage mechanic Andy Hainesworth and beautiful restaurant hostess Luz Mendez find themselves drawn to each other the more they discuss the joyful escapism of old movies. There is only one problem. The masks they wear, the lives they attempt to hide from each other, threatens to shatter their peaceful haven and destroy their promising romance. By H.L. Sudler.


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The Looking Glass: A Modern New York Love Story - eBook

  • It’s a story about love and coming to terms with a friendship. I really enjoyed it. Wasn’t expecting to read something like this, but I liked the characters and the way the story ended. It’s a well written story.

    I don’t want to give anything away; let’s just say the author did an excellent job with the surprise.

    It’s an eye opener and may challenge you to really see life from a different perspective.


    This is a good book. I think everyone will like it.


    This was a very sweet story about finding love where you least expect it. Had a lot of heart and was touching.

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