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In David Helms's gory gothic murder mystery, the dead won't be denied their due when in the year 1886, young women are killed in the most heinous fashion, leaving the police and the dead seeking justice. By David Helms.


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The Burial of Lillian Bell - eBook

SKU: 9781959838081
  • Mr. Helms is a master of using words to paint. His ability to string together words to evoke definitive and colorful images is quite remarkable. I would love to see this story expanded into a full length novel, perhaps introducing us to the other victims of the depraved killer. The story would also make a spine-chilling screenplay.


    David Helms has done it again. A period piece horror story that doesn't shy away from blood and gore. Lillian Bell is found dead, her throat slashed and blood everywhere. But that's just the beginning of the story, which gets creepier to the very end.

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