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It's summertime in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and everything is beautiful. The town, the weather, the ocean, the people. For four months this seaside community becomes a playground for vacationers seeking to soak up all the fun the town has to offer. But this summer will be different, when devastating secrets threaten to destroy a family and nearly everyone they will come to know. A fugitive murderer, a wayward socialite, a deceptive med student, and a destructive sociopath all set the stage for a combustive summer. One filled with sex, lies, secrets, betrayals, vendettas, and a revenge that will scandalize this town beyond anyone's imagination. From Miami Beach to Rehoboth Beach and from Cinco de Mayo to Labor Day, a trail of blood and destruction will snake its way through the lives of a select group of individuals who will become forever connected by the depth of hatred and the stain of murder.


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Summerville (Summerville #1)

SKU: 9780984846092
  • "I decided this book deserves 5 stars because despite the very controversial and disturbing nature of much of the story, there are so many wonderful discussions to be had from the reading of this book that individuals and book clubs and university lit classes could spend months deconstructing and discussing the characters, their story lines and the social issues embedded in this book. And that is the testament of a 5 star read." Ozzie's Book Blog


    Summerville is a multi-level murder mystery that was hard to follow and slow starting but had a powerful middle and ending. Murder mysteries are not my favorites but this one left me thinking about it and I am sure it will for a long time in the future, which is a sign of a pretty good book.


    This book wasn't quite what I was expecting but I still enjoyed it, it was a fast paced easy read (partly due to the double line spacing)

    The very beginning certainly was a hook - who was killed and who comitted the murder and why. The storyline then gradually takes you through the characters lives in actual and flashback and finishes leaving you wanting to know what happens next.


    This is a gripping book with real characters. For all their flaws and mistakes you do care for them. The story is full of twists and mysteries. Fast read...didn't want it to end.


    I felt this was well written and heartbreaking that people could treat each other so badly just because of their sexual orientation.


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