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Jonathan Hammond is handsome, well-off, professionally sound, and desired. But he is unhappy with his life, and as fate would have it, it's about to take a turn for the worse. Today is Jonathan Hammond's birthday, October 31. And despite a large party with lots of food, drink, music, and people, he becomes a target for murder. On his birthday. The deadline for his death is midnight. By H.L. Sudler


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Midnight - eBook

  • This is about a man, Jon, who is very successful, has good friends, good looks etc. but very unhappy for whatever reason he is not sure of. A friend throws him a big Birthday party that he doesn't want and doesn't even want to be there, so he leaves and walks around the city. He comes across a woman being attacked and steps in to intervene. BAD idea. He quickly finds himself in some deep trouble with murder all around him and he must try to find away out before midnight. Nice plot, story flows well, very quick read.


    This is a great quick read story. I enjoyed it very much.


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