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an excursion into eleven tales of terror
From the creepy shadows of a child's bedroom to the dark halls of an abandoned property. And from the empty dance floor of a mysterious club to the haunting, ominous woods where a hunting expedition has gone horribly wrong.

Here on the dark side exists stories that include nightmarish black creatures, vengeful spirits, murderous endeavors, a legacy of blood, and a prophecy of disaster. You have no further to look than to your computer, your family, your church, or your local vampire. For here, the tales are darker than night. Bound to stay with you after the sun has gone down. Long into the witching hour.


stories by michelle d. ring, ollister wade, john adams, Andrew phoenix, danny baird, james r. lynch, david helms, eric andrews-katz, caleb howell, h.l. sudler, and rhidian brenig jones


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Darker Than Night: An Anthology of Horror (The Dark Series #1) - eBook

SKU: 9781735199320
  • This is a wonderful collection of eleven contrasting horror short stories from eleven talented and diverse LGBTQ+ authors. Each author in their own way takes the reader to a place very far beyond their imagination and makes an effort to scare the hell out of us. I’m pleased to say that each has accomplished that in spades. While I enjoyed each story on different levels for very different reasons, I certainly had my favorites. Of the eleven authors found within these pages, H.L. Sudler is the only author I’ve had the pleasure of reading previous to this collection. His contribution “Sandman” was mind-bendingly exquisite. A few other standouts for me were “When God Wept” by Eric Andrews-Katz (what an imagination and skill with words), and “To Stitch A Heart” by Andrew Phoenix takes the reader on a fantastic journey.


    Archer Publishing brings together eleven authors who indeed know how to use our imaginations to open us to different worlds with fine narratives. I could go into a little about each story here but instead I will look at just a few to give you an idea of what to expect. I especially love the idea that the internet becomes part of the modern horror tale in “The Sunflowers” by Ollister Wade as does technology in Michele D. Ring’s, “An Exercise in Empathy”. A good backstory often enchants as it does in “The Dark of Bryn Awel”. I usually do not name a favorite story but I have to say that H.L. Sudler’s “Sandman” kept me reading as quickly as I could.


    I like anthologies, especially of the horror variety, so winning a copy of Darker Than Night was a treat. I enjoyed this book very much, a collection of eleven stories that ranged from sweet/poignant to creepy. I liked all of the authors’ offerings, and I’m looking forward to reading more from both them and this publisher.


    This book does not disappoint. With so many different stories to read this is truly a great collection.


    This was a perfect mix. Not only do the stories range from creepy to sweet, but several of the stories feature LGBTQ+ characters and authors! I specifically enjoyed "To Stitch a Heart" by Andrew Phoenix and "The Dark of Bryn Awel" by Rhidian Brenig Jones. Highly recommend this book for lovers of horror of any kind.


    These stories were actually amazing. Really well cultivated collection.

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