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Venture forth into fourteen chilling tales of unrelenting horror. A dull and quiet night turns into a bloody, gory evening shift in an emergency ward. Three revolting murders begets a supernatural revenge. Turnabout is fair play with New York's elite. Erotic dreams mask an unpredictable fate. Government involvement only makes matter worse. A doctor is held captive by his judge, jury, and executioner. Generational horror binds three women in a nightmare.


In a dystopian future, anger is not an option. The plot thickens as a woman descends into madness. A little boy may be misunderstood after he witnesses something shocking. A little girl attracts an age-old threat. Children of one town are disappearing without a trace. One man befriends another of unlikely origins. And phantasms make the rounds with omens in tow.


#fiction #horror #dystopian #ghosts #monsters #dark #eBook

Dark Mirrors: An Anthology of Horror (The Dark Series #2) - eBook

SKU: 9781735253152
  • This is a great collection of stories. Very much enjoyed.


    I GREATLY enjoyed each and every story in this collection. Favorites? Angler Fish by Danny Baird, A Length of Chain by Gary Earl Ross, and Wraith by H.L. Sudler. If you’re a horror fan… pick this up!

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