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Years ago, Walker Dupre was horribly shamed during a fraternity game gone wrong. Years later, he has invited members of that fraternity group back to the college for a Homecoming celebration. He has something to show them. He has a score to settle. A revenge beyond their wildest dreams. By H.L. Sudler.


#fiction #horror #grisly #dark #revenge #hlsudler #eBook

Blood Moon - eBook

SKU: 9781735199382
  • I loved the twist on the werewolf story, adding in the extra layer of non acceptance and shame that brought about the revenge storyline.

    He may be my new favorite werewolf.


    A great quick read that has a fresh and new way of introducing us to the werewolf legend.


    Super short, but a nice little story. We need more werewolf stories.

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