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Summertime comes once again to the gorgeous seaside resort of Rehoboth Beach, and with it comes beautiful people, enchanting weather, and seductive days filled with sex, sunbathing, and relaxation. But for some, the promise of pleasure comes with memories of last summer. Days shadowed by secrets, lies, and tragedy. An omen of dark days yet to come. This time, shattering truths and unexpected destinies will unite friends and enemies for a season filled with mystery, betrayal, danger, murder, and sheer terror. By H.L. Sudler.


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Return to Summerville (Summerville #2)

SKU: 9780984946078
  • "For those that follow my book blog (, you will know that I RAVED about the first book in this series, Summerville. Great news!! Book two lives up to the high bar established by the first book and has all the subtext of the first plus a whole lot more. Sudler left us on a genuine cliff hanger!!!! I almost died when I got to the last page and realized I now have to wait for the next installment in what will be a triology. I can hardly wait!!! There is so much here to love and I can’t recommend this author and these books enough. I reiterate, if book stores had this book on the front display, it would be a sell out of major proportions. If Peyton Place could do it, Summerville could easily outsell it several times over. Grab your summer novel, but be prepared for a sleepy day after you stay up all night reading it!"

    Ozzie's Book Blog


    The author describes this book as a soap opera and it certainly reads as one. The short, intense chapters are filled with drama and intrigue and they end on a note of urgency and secrecy. This all adds up to a compelling story that keeps you reading to find out what is going to happen in the next episode. Along with this, the characters are strong and interesting, the action plentiful and the ending suspenseful.


    A very good follow up. Really liked the way a synopsis of the first book was involved without being repeatative and how each character was bought back in. Raced through the book, suspected part of the ending but was a bit disappointed with it as thought one or two others might have suspected who was responsible for the murders and now just need to know how it all ends (hoping that one or two of the characters aren't killed off).

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